You can feed your family healthy, delicious, real food without breaking the bank!

(& without clipping a single coupon!)

A Healthy Lifestyle

on a budget

* Stick to your grocery budget without relying on highly processed, unhealthy foods.

* ​Shop confidently with a best prices list and 50+ healthy, real food meals & recipes!

* Workout for free at home - no equipment required!



I'm Tiffany - wife, mom of 4, foodie, and bargain hunter.

For the first 8 years of our marriage, my husband was a full time student. Now, he is a recent optometry school graduate with ​big student loans to pay off.

So, for 11 years we've lived on an extremely tight budget, and I've gotten good at stretching a dollar. 

I tried clipping coupons for a while and after hours of cutting and shopping, I had a closet full of toothpaste and sugar cereal, but was still going over on my grocery budget trying to buy healthy food for my family!

So, I stopped clipping coupons and found ways to ​save money on real, healthy, fresh food.

Now, I'm sharing all my secrets, my best price list, & my family's favorite budget-friendly recipes with you!

xoxo, Tiffany


1. My best money-saving tips, tricks, & resources

Save money without clipping coupons, going store to store, or compromising your health or your tastebuds!

2. My best-price shopping list

With this printer-friendly list, you'll always know a good deal when you find one, you'll know when to stock-up on must have pantry items, and you be able to shop sales like a pro!

3. 50+ healthy budget-friendly recipes & meal ideas

These are my family's favorites, and I know they'll be yours too! Every recipe also includes nutrition info!

4. At home workout video & pdf plan

In this video, certified personal trainer Greg Marshall takes you through each exercise, giving expert tips and tricks for maximizing your results! It doesn't get more budget-friendly than an at home workout with no equipment needed!



You'll have everything you need to create a healthy lifestyle, feed your family healthy, delicious, real food, AND still stick to your budget! 

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