Kids Summer Challenge!

Summer is here and we all want to avoid the same old fight to keep our kids from turning into couch potatoes surrounded by junk food wrappers.

What if this SUMMER there was an easy way to...

  • Keep your kids ACTIVE and making HEALTHY choices!
  • Restrict screen-time WITHOUT fighting and nagging!
  • MOTIVATE your kids to read and be CREATIVE!
  • Fill your summer with FAMILY FUN and build family relationships!
  • AND Teach your kids lasting HEALTHY HABITS!


What You Get...

* CHALLENGE INFO PACKET (PDF): Everything you and your child need to know to earn points! Earn points for vegetables, fruits, water, fun exercise, reading, screen-time limits, sleep, gratitude journal, prayer/meditation, weekly service, family time, daily bonus challenges and a personal goal. 

* KID FAVORITE HEALTHY RECIPES COOKBOOK (PDF): An eCookbook full of healthy and nutritious recipes all tested by my picky crew. Your kids will learn so many healthy habits and love cooking all these delicious healthy recipes with you!

* WEEKLY VIDEO TRAININGS: A new video with me and my kids each week. We'll share our very best tips for finding ways to enjoy vegetables, drinking more water, enjoying exercise and much more!

* THE CHANCE TO EARN PRIZE MONEY! No more nagging or fighting to motivate you kids this summer. If your child reaches the minimum point total goal, I send you HALF your entry fee back! Promise that money to your child, or use it to purchase a fun reward. 

* FLEXIBILITY TO ENJOY SUMMER: I know how busy summer time can be with family vacations, so I'm giving your child TWO extra weeks to complete the required point total minimum. The challenge will run for 10 weeks (June 12th-August 20th), but only 8 weeks of participation is required to reach the point goal. 

INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE - FOR ONE CHILD: $40 ($20 back in prize money!)

FAMILY CHALLENGE - UP TO FOUR CHILDREN: $80 (up to $40 back in prize money!)

Still Have Questions? Checkout these FAQs...

Q: Who can join? Is it just for girls? What's the age requirement?

A: ANYONE can join! I'll be doing this challenge with all four of my children this summer - two boys and two girls ages 12, 9, 6 and 4. My 15 year old niece is excited to participate too. I've also made it possible in the program for you to customize the challenge to meet the individual needs of your child.

Q: Do we need to be religious, or belong to a certain religion?

A: No! I think of being spiritual and being religious as different things. Feel Great in 8 focuses on strengthening your spirit through gratitude, relationships with loved ones, service, and connection to a greater power through prayer or quiet meditation.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: The registration fee is nonrefundable. But remember, all your child has to do is reach the minimum point goal and you'll get half of your entry fee back in prize money!

Q: What if my child gets sick during the challenge?

A: There is a sick exception rule that allows for points to be earned when sickness makes it impossible. 

Q: What if we take a family trip during the challenge?

A: The summer challenge will run for 10 weeks, but only 8 weeks of participation is required to earn the minimum point total goal. That gives you two weeks of flexibility to make room for family vacations and activities.

Q: Your materials are awesome! ;) Can I use them to host a challenge of my own?

A: Why thank you! :) While I definitely appreciate the compliment, I ask that you PLEASE not use my materials to host challenges. I have spent hours creating and improving all of the Feel Great in 8 materials and it is copyrighted work. If you’d like to do a challenge with just your friends, email me about private group hosting.